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About Us

My passion for great 4-wheel and 2-wheel designs has been influenced by important people in my life.  Thank you 'Pops', my bro Dave, neighbor's sons (who had Harleys in the 70's when I was at an impressionable age), and the rest of the cool people along the road who share this hobby. If you're gonna go, go in style.  Performance results will vary.

"Drive The Wheels Off" manufactures stainless steel bottle openers in the shape of cool cars.  The openers are about 4" in length & detailed lines go through the steel for added intrigue.

"Racetrack Style" offers stainless steel medallions in the shape of your favorite track outline. 

Contact: dpstaab@gmail.com; 206-250-4698

Open your beverage in style.  Drive with the Golden Rule.

Photo below is courtesy of Zach Martzke Photography. Contact him for great photos of your hotrod at: damartzke@gmail.com

Doug@racetrackstyle.com or 206.250.4698





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